Mittwoch, Mai 23, 2012

Three more days to go...

What I am wearing

  • Chino, Top, Cardigan / 3suisses
  • Shoes / H&M
  • Necklace / Flea Market 

So today was my first day of work - uurrrgghh...3 more days to go (have to work on Sat.)
My friend is kinda "lovesick" right now, so tomorrow we will meet and have a glas of wine (or two, or three :) )
And then the Girls night in on Sat. After that I really have to clean my apartment before my friends (who is moving to stuttgart) moves in w me. That will be fun - 38m² for 2 ppl. Well well well...:)
Btw, check out my Outfit of the day, I am loving it :)

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